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The perfect complement to our MD-88/90 Systems Study Guide to prepare for training or your next flight.
  • Includes extensive MD-90 differences.

  • Re-formats limitations for better understanding. Easier to memorize for your next oral.

  • Includes takeoff, V1 cut and missed approach callout presentation. Just what you need to say and do.

  • Simplifies maneuvers such as the precision runway monitored (PRM) ILS approach and rejected takeoff (RTO).

  • Simulator tips from takeoff to landing with special emphasis on V1 cut/single engine ops.

  • Everything you need to know about non-precision (CANPA) and precision approaches.

  • Pilot training notes provide details and techniques for all phases of the operation from preflight to after landing.

  • Takeoff and landing rules for those hard-to-find limits, minimums and requirements.

  • All the new cold weather procedures on just four pages.

  • Compiles all information required to fly “Domestic” category outside CONUS operations (Extended Overwater Operations, Y and VS Routes, Airways M201 and L453, RNAV, RVSM, ball notes and Nav Accuracy) for preflight and en route operations.

  • Simplifies critical terrain and en route procedures for planning and programming FMS depressurization routes and engine failure driftdown.

  • Special bonus “Quick Review”. Great for preflight review and reference. In
    “hard card” style.


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