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MD-88 Systems Study Guide

The newest and best 66-page aircraft study guide on the market for the MD-88/90. Here’s why:
  • Combines MD-88 and MD-90 aircraft operations manuals into one easy-to-read booklet.

  • Highlights answers from the Learning Objectives Document (LOD) and Electronic Systems Evaluation (eSV).

  • Detailed schematics show “just what you need to know” about switches, equipment location and their function.

  • Customized graphics superimpose cockpit panel controls over system schematic for easier understanding.

  • Simplifies the mysteries of the flight guidance control panel (FGCP) and the flight mode annunciator (FMA).

  • Includes limitations for each system in all chapters.

  • “Boxes” overhead annunciator panel (OAP) messages with related cue light for easy reference.

  • Maximizes use of acronyms to optimize learning.

Sample ASample B


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