Study Guides for Airline Pilots
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CDS Aircraft Study Aids, L.L.C. has created a series of study guides for airline pilots who want to simplify preparation for training or operations. The author, formerly a military instructor pilot and now a Delta Captain, found it helpful throughout his aviation career to condense all the information available about the aircraft he flew into booklets containing what he needed to know. These booklets became invaluable to him when reviewing for systems orals, simulator training and preparation for operational flights.

     While transitioning to the B-757/767, the study guide the author created received a fair amount of attention in training class and fellow pilots encouraged him to make this book available to them. With new technology available to create the manuals, our first study guide for the 757/767 Systems became available in July, 2003. Since then we have created other study guides which you can learn about on this website.

     It is our intention to make these study guides as useful as possible for airline pilots. Any suggestions you have to improve them will be greatly appreciated and can be sent via our "CONTACT US" page.