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757/767 Systems Study Guide

This one-of-kind aircraft study guide is a “must have” to simplify this complex category. Please read why:
  • Combines 757-200, 757-300, 757ER, 767-300 and 767ER aircraft operations manuals into one easy-to-read 61-page booklet.

  • Highlights answers from the Learning Objectives Document (LOD) and Electronic Systems Evaluation (eSV).

  • Solves the mysteries of the different electronic engine control (EEC) systems and the confusing instrument source selector.

  • Simple graphics compare and contrast 757 and 767 systems, many on the same page for easy reference. No flipping back and forth from description page to graphic or from 757 Volume 2 to 767 Volume 2.

  • Includes all limitations for related systems within each chapter.

  • Provides techniques and key information about the FMS for all phases of flight.

  • Makes the engine indication and crew alerting system (EICAS) easy to understand.
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